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A New Computer Is Often the Best Upgrade or Repair You Can Make:

Nowadays, it’s usually cheaper to buy a new computer than it is to repair and upgrade an old one. It’s usually best to acquire all of your “upgrades” when you buy your computer, by spending enough to get what you really want in the first place, so that you are not tempted to upgrade anything later on. That being said, if you are determined to repair or upgrade your existing computer and if you live in the Greater Salt Lake City area, you can contact us for our services if you feel that you need them:

We do make a few recommendations here at these links:

New Computers for Students

A Few Recommended Upgrades

For Computer Repairs, you might also consider Best Buy’s Geek Squad:

Geek Squad® Tech 1-Year Support Membership for PC, Mac or Tablet via Phone, e-Mail or Store Visit, $199.99

Computers and Promotions at Best Buy

Best Buy PartStore

Check out our free advice for how to keep Malware off your system:

Malware Removal

If you need software, please check out our affiliate Vio Software!

Puter Software Store

As time goes on, we will be making a lot more suggestions for computer repair, computer upgrades, and IT Certification. Stay tuned!

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